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Jim Boeheim Eliciting Only The Hottest Of Hot Sports Takes

So many Hot Takes about Jim Boeheim right now. So much meh...

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball referees are not the problem. College basketball referees are awesome.

You guys, Jim Boeheim is the problem. That whiny, selfish, self-aggrandizing jerk is everything that is wrong with basketball and America and humanity and Obama.

Don't believe me? Go read a #HotSportsTake near you.

Pat Forde's got a gem of a piece up about everything I just said.

Dana O'Neill wants to know why everyone is suddenly so angry?

And there's plenty more where they came from.

(BTW, do these two try to line up their columns? I swear to God they write about the same topics in the same ways at the same exact time very often. Can someone do a statistical analysis to prove this?)

Oh, and Doyel. My God, you can't forget Doyel...

After the Maryland game, which, you're never gonna believe this, was a close game with a controversial finish, the focus is back on Boeheim The Aggressor and Boeheim The Angry. Nevermind that Boeheim actually wasn't the coach publicly deriding the refs last night, his voice is the loudest and therefore he must be taken to task for opening it in the first place.

Here's the thing. No one is angrier this year than last year. Or the year before. You just don't like Jim Boeheim and he's the loudest voice in the room right now. (I don't mean YOU, you know who I mean). Plenty of coaches get ejected every year. Plenty of issues arise with referees every year. It's nothing new, except that Boeheim, your favorite low-hanging-fruit punching bag, is back in the news. (Again, not YOU you…).

Do you know why Syracuse fans aren't embarrassed by Boeheim or his actions? Because we haven't seen anything out of Boeheim in the past four days that we haven't been seeing every day for over thirty years. Boeheim is saying whatever he wants? YOU DON'T SAY… Boeheim is fired up over a shitty call at a critical juncture of an important game? GOSH GOLLY GEE… Boeheim is fulfilling your idea of who Boeheim is? HOW CURIOUS...

Don't respond to any of these hacks. Instead, do yourself a favor and go read Grantland's Andrew Sharp's Hot Sports Take on Boeheim. If you're unaware of the column, it's a tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek parody of the kind of sportswriting that gives sportswriting a bad name. Revel in it. Join in on the joke. Realize that there's a whole bunch of us out there who don't buy what these lazy hucksters are selling. Remember that there's more to Boeheim, this story, and any story, than what you see in a :30 video clip played over and over.

And enjoy yourself, you Person Who Roots For A 26-2 Basketball Team, you.