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Syracuse 57 - Maryland 55: Can We Have One Easy Game? Just One?

The good news is, Syracuse wins. The bad news is, you had another heart attack.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time not too long ago when down-to-the-wire Syracuse Orange basketball games were thrilling in a "climbing Half Dome without a rope" kind of way. We were probably gonna die soon enough but right now we're on top of the world.

Those days are over. Enough, already. I know we should be happy that the Orange got back on track with a  win over the Maryland Terrapins. I know a win's a win, especially in conference play. But…just once. Just once can we blow a team out? Just once can we step on someone's throat and spend the last five minutes joking and watching everyone on the bench give back-pats? Just once?

With about six minutes to go, it seemed like it might happen. But, we all had it in the back of our minds that the eventual barrage by the Terps and self-destruct by the Orange was coming. And so it did.

After leading by ten or so, the Orange found themselves in a one-point game that came down to free throws, a critical Baye Keita block and a missed prayer in order for SU to walk away with the victory.

Nice to get back in the win column but, man, just once, you guys. Just once.

Tyler Ennis led the way with 20 points while C.J. Fair had a C.J. Fair type evening with 17 points and 9 boards. The big concern coming out has to be Jerami Grant, who didn't play in the second half thanks to some back issues. With razor-thin depth as it is, we'll be keeping a close eye on that.

Boeheim kept his jacket on, though, so that's good?