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No Time For Love, Doctor Jones: Orange Move On To Maryland

The Duke loss sucked, but, on to the next game...

Grant Halverson

Still fired up about the end result of the game between the Syracuse Orange and Duke Blue Devils? Well, it's officially time to get over and it and move on. The team certainly has, as they're already in College Park preparing for tomorrow night's game against the Maryland Terrapins.

With two-straight losses, the Orange are in that annual scare zone where the losses come in bunches. Very rarely, however, do those losses come in threes (in a row). Keeping in mind one of those games went into overtime and the other one came down to the final seconds, it's not as if the wheels are coming off. The Orange are just coming down to Earth a bit under the strain of a regular season.

It won't be easy on the road in a hostile environment but it's not like Syracuse would make it easy even if it wasn't, right?

Maryland blog Testudo Times takes a quick look ahead while Mike Waters provides a preview of what's in store for SU: