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Syracuse Football: Okay, What's The Deal With K.J. Williams?

Four-star WR K.J. Williams keeps showing up on my Syracuse newsfeed. What's the deal?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of all the Syracuse Orange basketball madness is a story that might have slipped through the cracks concerned Syracuse Orange football. It's the curious case of four-star SU recruit K.J. Williams.

I briefly saw something about this earlier in the week. Wa'happun?

On February 17, the Easton Express Times reported that Williams had been dismissed from his high school basketball team. According to the head coach, "It is not school-related, it has to do with the team. That's all I want to say on the matter." That did not sound good, especially since Williams apparently had an issue earlier in the year (suspension for missing film session with football team).

Then, the next day, reported that Williams left the team in order to focus on academics, which sounds better in one respect and troubling in another. Did this mean Williams was in trouble of not qualifying for SU?

No, said Mom.

Williams' mother, Jennifer Miller, said Tuesday afternoon she encouraged her son to take the college admission exam multiple times not because he needs to improve his score but because she wants him to continue striving for better results.

"He has the SAT score," Miller said.

She also wanted to make sure that her son was not portrayed as something he's not:

"It was very, very disturbing to me to think that they think he's a thug and he has a disciplinary problem and he's going to be a troublemaker," Miller said. "He's not perfect, but he has no criminal background. He has never disrespected anybody, coach, teacher. He's a well-mannered kid. He's 18. Of course they're going to have their little bit of tidbits. I've never had any unordinary issues with him."

I defer to mom on this one. Hopefully, it's the last we hear about anything other than KJ's exploits on the SU football field. Not more tidbits, please.