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Who is Syracuse's Best Point Guard of All-Time? brought up an interesting question today -- one which I felt the need to dive into a bit more today...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Over on today, the staff brought up an interesting topic: Who is the best Syracuse point guard of all-time? Brought on by the excellent play of current Orange point guard Tyler Ennis, it's a worthwhile question, and one whose answer (or at least ranking of answers) could potentially change a lot based on how this season ends. According to Lost Letterman, Ennis does not make the current top 10 (rightfully so), but here's who does:

1. Dave Bing

2. Sherman Douglas

3. Pearl Washington

4. Jason Hart

5. Gerry McNamara

6. Adrian Autry

7. Jonny Flynn

8. Dennis DuVal

9. Scoop Jardine

10. Michael Carter-Williams


No one glaringly missing from my vantage point, though I'd think most Syracuse fans would want to elevate McNamara a spot. Some may also debate Dave Bing's inclusion -- which the article does itself. The bottom four do present some interesting choices, however, even if they all "belong" there. Flynn's time was brief, and largely defined by the 6 OT Game. I don't have enough background on DuVal so I can't argue for or against. Scoop and MCW present their own pluses and minuses, with the former's tenure mostly defined by what could've been (in particular, the 2010 team) ,while the latter cashed in on one great season and led the Orange to the Final Four.

But what do you think? Does this list make sense to you? Are there any glaring omissions or odd inclusions? If the Orange end this season the way we'd all hope it does, how high could Tyler Ennis jump? Share your thoughts below.