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Syracuse Daily Links - Luck & SU Basketball

Is Syracuse good or is Syracuse lucky? Or are they gucky?

Rich Barnes

Bill Gabor, 91, played in All-Star Game before the NBA gained its modern-era glamour -

Only a high-caliber athlete could earn a nickname like "Billy the Bullet." "If you see me walk today, there's no way you'd think that," Bill Gabor, as in neighbor, says with a laugh.

Luck and the undefeated Syracuse Orange basketball team | The Juice Online

Certainly, Syracuse has won its fair share of close games. And certainly if the team continues to play games decided in the final 20 seconds, it will inevitably lose. But Syracuse has not been the beneficiary of an extraordinary amount of luck, and there are good reasons why the Orange is undefeated 25 games into the season.

Road to Recovery: Baye Moussa Keita’s Return will Bolster Syracuse against Boston College, Duke : Orange Fizz

Syracuse has a tough road schedule coming up. Since Syracuse is wearing that No. 1 target, teams will try their best to pull off the upset in front of packed crowds. Baye Moussa Keita’s return would make life a lot easier going forward for the Orange.

Students Running Big-Time Social Media Accounts? Time to Reconsider

When a mistake is made by a student, they may be off the team, but you’re the one held accountable. The NCAA, in particular, has a huge rule book. It’s doubtful that any intern or student will take that rule book as seriously, or study it as closely, as your professional staff. It’s not their fault, it’s just that they have a lot less to lose than you do. Their career isn’t riding on a mistake. For the most part, when interns or students make these mistakes, it comes back to haunt you, the professional, not the one who sent the tweet.

Turning two: Matt, Morgan Nandin bring close sibling relationship to Syracuse coaching staff | The Daily Orange

Morgan Nandin was Syracuse's shortstop for four years, and always had aspirations to be a college coach. She is now on SU's staff as a student coach, and her brother Matt joined as an assistant to create a family pairing that is brining the entire program closer together.

Injured Syracuse center Baye Moussa Keita practices Monday with basketball team |

"I feel great," Keita said before the workout. "I'm going to start practicing today and see how that feels."

Syracuse football recruit K.J. Williams says he left high school basketball team to focus on academics |

Williams, his mother and his high school basketball coach all said Williams left the team on his own accord. Williams said he made the decision in order to focus on academics.

Former Syracuse running back Jerome Smith ready for his 'marquee event' at NFL combine |

"Most people think I'm going to run 4.6," Smith said. "But I got a little surprise. I'm ready for it."

Syracuse basketball players react to wearing throwback uniforms for Boston College game |

"When it comes down to that, I think it takes us all back to our childhood," SU guard Trevor Cooney said. "We're all basketball fans. And retro jerseys are pretty cool to us. We grew up watching college basketball. You see the jerseys way back then. … It is pretty cool to wear 'em for a game."

Syracuse men's lacrosse attacker Dylan Donahue leads country in goals, named ACC Player of the Week |

Syracuse attacker Dylan Donahue leads the country in goals with 11 after two games. His performance earned him the ACC Player of the Week award.

Painting the scene: Landlord captures memorable moments in student houses with SU-themed murals | The Daily Orange

Inside the hallowed halls of "Big Red", however, is a recently added treat: a mural, painted by Ben Tupper, the landlord of the house. The mural immortalizes famous Syracuse alumni who have visited the place in the past.