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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Syracuse Football WR Coach?

SU is hiring a wide receivers coach. Is it you?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange football team was left with a void at the wide receivers coach position when Rob Moore left to take the same gig with the Buffalo Bills. Despite saying that OC George McDonald would assume the role, it appears that Syracuse University has opened up the spot in a job listing.

So, let's find out if we're all as qualified as we think we are...

"Hours: Determined by the Head Coach."

So long as I don't have to get there until 10 and I'm home by 5, works for me.

Under the direction of the Head Coach, the Wide Receivers Coach will assist with the successful administration of a NCAA Division I football program overseeing the Wide Receiver position. The successful candidate will be expected to work cooperatively with coaches, staff, and faculty of the university and members of the community.

Cool with other coaches, staff and faculty of the university. As for members of the community, I've been on Twitter. F*** those people.

Experience coaching football at the collegiate level or in the NFL

Knowledge of NCAA rules and a commitment to rules compliance

Ability to support gender and diversity commitment of the department

Demonstrated knowledge of Football, skills, tactics and strategies, and the Wide Receivers position Commitment to the recruitment of quality student-athletes

1. Does 20+ years of watching football at the collegiate level or in the NFL count?

2. My understanding of NCAA rules is that the people in suits get to keep all the money that the people in uniforms create. Is that right?

3. Is this because of Michael Sam? He's ruining everything...

4. Demonstrated knowledge of Football? Do you have a demonstrated knowledge of grammar?

Demonstrated ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and project a professional attitude

Coaching philosophy and teaching concepts must be compatible with those of the Head Coach Experience in the recruitment of student athletes

Must be eligible to obtain a State of New York driver’s license and must be able to comply with all university requirements pertaining to driving on state business.

Bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher education

1. I can project a professional attitude but I sure all hell don't actually have one. PARTY!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! (Why did I just write that?).

2. I am a fan of hardened noses.

3. How did Greg Robinson get a job here again?

4. So, no Clemson grads, then?

Duties will include: teach and develop position-specific skills; coaching strategies to enhance the athletic performance of student-athletes; provide academic guidance for student athlete success; ensure student compliance with rules regarding behavior and appearance; assist in planning and directing the education of students in techniques, skills and theory of football; support the conditioning and training of team members in conjunction with weight/strength coach, athletic trainers and team physicians; assist with the recruiting process per direction of the Recruiting Coordinator; comply with NCAA, MWC, and university rules and regulations; and other duties as assigned by the Head Coach.

"and other duties as assigned by the Head Coach." I'm not picking up his Dorian's orders for him. He's a grown-ass man. He can get his own Artemis.

Not listed as a duty of the job…"Putting up with Ashton Broyld's bull***."

I feel like I'm qualified, how bout you?

H/T: Sam