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Syracuse Football: OL Coach Pat Perles Leaving Program

Perles leaves after one season as SU's OL coach.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in as many weeks, an assistant coach is leaving the Syracuse Orange football program.

Pat Perles, who joined Scott Shafer's staff last year as offensive line coach is pursuing "another coaching opportunity." No word yet on where he's going.

Perles came to Syracuse after a three-year stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, though he also worked at North Dakota State and Michigan State prior to that. Given that he was a coordinator at both those college jobs, the thinking must be that he's looking for a step up elsewhere.

The timing of the move obviously brings into question how it might sit with the recent commitments Syracuse received in the 2014 recruiting class. Denzel Ward and Aaron Roberts both told that they first heard the news from reporters and not the school (ugh) but both seem to remain steadfast in their commitments.

"I understand I signed a contract to that university," offensive tackle recruit Denzel Ward wrote in a text message to the Post-Standard/ "Coach Perles is a legendary coach, but I believe Coach Shafer will make an excellent choice for my development and our program. I'm an Orangeman, no regrets."

He joins Rob Moore on the list of coaches who left the program this off-season.

Something that occurred to me was that this is the first time in a while where we're seeing Syracuse assistants leave for "better" opportunities. Usually, the only reason someone left was because they were fired or "resigned." So, I suppose, that's a good sign? Maybe? Who knows.