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Syracuse Basketball: How Much Would You Pay For Three Inches Of History?


No, the title of this article is not my best pick-up line from college. It never actually worked, if I'm honest.

It IS in reference to a certain item currently for sale courtesy of SU Athletics commemorating the Syracuse Orange's 91-89 victory over the Duke Blue Devils.

The item is prices for $75.

Is it an autographed game-used basketball? No.

Is it an authentic jersey worn by Russ DeRemer during the game? Nope.

Is it a towel that Tyler Ennis wiped his face during a timeout? Not even that.

It's a tiny piece of the net.

Syracuse's 91-89 victory over Duke Saturday night was one for the ages. Whether you were there or not, this collectors item is rare and a must have for 'Cuse fans.

Own a piece of this spectacular day in Syracuse Athletics history. This is an authentic piece of a game used net (size varies from 3" - 5") from the Syracuse/Duke basketball game. All orders will ship with a certificate of authenticity.

Proceeds will help fund our programs and support our student-athletes.


I love the thought that two different people might buy this, the first one getting five inches of net and feeling justified and the other getting three inches of net and feeling totally gipped.

Of course, if you're more of a completist, you can bid on an entire game-used net from the game. Bidding is currently up to $1,000.