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Football Recruiting: Visit Tweet-cap Extravaganza! Part 1

The Orange hosted a slew of potential recruits from the 2015 class, how did their visits fare?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

As we discussed last week, this weekend was a huge one for our football recruiting for the 2015 class. We brought in quite a few of our top remaining prospects on the board in for their official visits, as well as some 2015 commits we wanted to solidify. So how did the visits turn out?

2015 Commits

- Dana Levine, DE, Hallandale HS - Levine was probably our most important visitor this weekend, and his visit sealed the deal.

It's always a good sign when a prospect's family accompanies him to campus, and he confirmed it with Mike McAllister over at

- Keivonnis Davis, DE, Miami Central HS - Oddly, Keivonnis visited Cincinnati this weekend with some teammates, but is still solid to the Orange.

- Marquise Blair, S, Wooster HS - Blair's coach spoke with Stephen Bailey over at after his visit, and said Marquise is solidly committed. Blair is probably the biggest academic question mark, but his coach had this to say about the issue:

"... I'm confident that we will meet the (NCAA) Clearinghouse standards."

While I'm never confident about a high school coach saying this, it's a step in the right direction and hopefully we can get Blair on campus in the fall as it looks like he's a hell of a player.

- Evan Adams, OL, Norwalk HS - No news came out of Adams' camp this weekend on his OV, but he's not someone we need to worry about moving forward as he's as solid as can be.

- Trey Dunkelberger, TE, Pierce CC - Trey loves twitter, which makes me a happy panda.

After an early flight and a wait on his connecting flight, Trey met with his parents at 'Cuse, and the first stop was to meet his new position coach...

From there, they had to get in the traditional jersey pic.

The recruits then headed to the Dome to check out the basketball game vs St. John's, and hopefully they left before the end of the game...

In other excellent news, Trey also started recruiting for us, working on 2015 DT Steven Clark.

For those committed, it looked like the visits solidified their commitments, and we can take a deep breath on the Florida DE's for a minute (at least until SEC schools start getting desperate). Part 2 will be out later this afternoon with the uncommitted prospect recaps.