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Conference Issues Aside, the State of Connecticut Still Really Hates Syracuse

A map of the most hated college football team by state reveals that the people of UConn still want them a piece of Syracuse.

Another one of those Most THING by State maps hit Reddit yesterday, this time it was all about the most hated college football team by state. Though the Syracuse Orange might be in the ACC these days and the Connecticut Huskies might be in whatever FCS conference they're in, it seems there's still plenty of hate to go around...

most hated

It should be noted the study is extremely unscientific. As the maker notes, the only reason Alaska hates Auburn is because only one person from Alaska voted (and later changed his vote to FSU).

There's also curious selections like Massachusetts hating Texas, Maine hating BYU and Michigan hating Michigan..well, actually, that makes perfect sense.

Notre Dame for New York works. I mean, you can't throw a rock without hitting someone who dislikes Notre Dame. And since we don't have too many hated football rivals and there are no other college football programs in New York State (/ducks), that'll do it.