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Syracuse University Ordered to Turn Over 22 Bernie Fine-Related Documents

The decision involved Laurie Fine's lawsuit against ESPN.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Daily Orange reported Monday that a federal judge has ordered Syracuse University to turn over 22 documents from its investigation of sexual abuse allegations against former Syracuse Orange basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine. This denies an appeal by SU to keep those documents sealed.

It should be noted that this involved Laurie Fine's lawsuit against ESPN and is not related to the upcoming lawsuit brought by Davis and his stepbrother Mike Lang against Boeheim and Syracuse. SU is not named in Laurie Fine's lawsuit.

None of the documents are likely become public unless the lawsuit eventually goes to trial. Originally, the judge had ordered 25 documents to be released but a handful involving Nancy Cantor and SU lawyers were removed from consideration.

No word on what's next for Fine's lawsuit or the Davis/Lang lawsuit. The fun shall continue, I'm sure. Just add it to the list of reasons the Bernie Fine Saga would make a great podcast investigation...