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Syracuse Basketball: Rakeem Christmas Named ACC Player of the Week

Hey, good things about the basketball team! Bring them on!

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, Orange fans! Syracuse's own Rakeem Christmas was (appropriately) named the ACC Player of the Week for the week of Christmas this year. I haven't bothered checking Twitter for the jokes, but chances are they're writing themselves as we speak...

In games against Colgate and Long Beach State, respectively, the senior shot 67 percent from the floor, averaged 20 points per game and collected 10.5 rebounds per game. He also went 12-of-16 from the free throw line, and picked up three assists, three blocks and two steals for good measure. It also helps that Syracuse won both of those games in resounding fashion.


While these awards don't mean a ton in the big scheme, it's still a nice sign of a turnaround for Syracuse as they find their offensive legs. Christmas is obviously a force to be reckoned with, and for the first time all season, he was THE force to be reckoned with compared to all others in the ACC. And for that, at least, he deserves to be recognized.

So congrats, Rakeem! We're glad you received an honor on this week of all weeks. That makes you the second-most important Christmas-related person now -- or maybe even first, depending on who you ask.

Now: "Merry Rakeem to all! And to all, a good night!"