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Rumors: Syracuse DL Coach Tim Daoust to Pitt Sounds Like it Could Be a Thing

Well this would be unfortunate, and yet, predictable...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Sean brought this up a few days ago, and new Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi's own Twitter activities also add credence to the theory. The Panthers' coach will be considering Syracuse defensive line coach Tim Daoust for the vacant defensive coordinator position on his staff. This is not great news for the Orange, obviously -- especially since we play Pitt every year.

The rumors were already hanging around when Narduzzi was hired, due to previous connections with Daoust, who worked under him in Cincinnati for a season. Then Michigan State went and solidified its own defensive coordinator position (vacated by Narduzzi), which meant current Syracuse D-coordinator Chuck Bullough stays with the Orange for the time being. For those who don't recall, Bullough played at Michigan State and is a favored son the Spartans will want back at some point or another. But Bullough remaining at Syracuse means Daoust, who's been coaching Orange D-linemen since 2011, could jump for another opportunity. This may be that other opportunity.


You can't blame Daoust if he chooses to go elsewhere. To be honest, his name should have been a hotter commodity than it was for these last few coach hiring cycles. With Daoust in the fold (along with Scott Shafer and Bullough), Orange defensive lines have been consistently impressive, regularly outplaying their talent. That's due to coaching (and a few NFL players of course), and it looks like an outside observer is finally calling some attention to the job Daoust has done with that group year-in and year-out. Unfortunately, that also means he could leave.

Now we don't really know what compensation Pitt has ready for a new defensive coordinator, which could factor in. But if you're Daoust, you see a pretty green defensive line for Syracuse next season, a Power Five DC job, and well... you get the picture. It's enticing, for sure.


We'll keep tabs on what happens here. Of course Narduzzi does his due diligence, but he also wants to get someone in the door quick as recruiting hits the home stretch in January. That means Syracuse will want to prepare themselves as well, and knowing Shafer, he already has names in mind to fill Daoust's spot if necessary.

Around the carousel we go.... "WEEEEEEEE!"