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Jim Boeheim Press Conferences Are Now Syracuse Basketball Player Roasts

"I got a better chance of winning the lottery...and I don't buy tickets." - Boeheim on Chris McCullough's lottery pick chances

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When you're 7-4 and staring down the long, hard road to NCAA Tournament eligibility, there are a few ways a guy like Jim Boeheim could handle the situation and motivate his players.

He could offer up coach-speak, just say we're focusing on getting better and then let the team's actions speak for themselves.

Or he could do his best Silky Johnson imitation and turn his post-game press conference in to a roast of the 2014-2015 Syracuse Orange basketball squad....

Ron Patterson had a breakthrough game today. How do you feel about his performance and perhaps an increased role for him?

I think we've had this question once before and we've seen the results, so, let's just see what the results are.

On Chris McCullough...

If he's a lottery pick I don't how he could possibly struggle against Colgate. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

I got a better chance of winning the lottery...and I don't buy tickets.

I don't think [other teams] are even playing him. I don't think they're worried about him to be honest with you. He's got a long way to go, he's just gotta work hard and work after the game and, you know, gain 20-30 pounds and he'll be a good player someday.

Is Tyler Roberson starting to figure things out?

I think he knows he's in Syracuse. Have a good holiday.

/drops mic

Leave your guess in the comments as to which sports outlet will write a 2,000-word tome tomorrow taking Boeheim to task for his comments. It was NBC Sports last time, so I'm going with CBS Sports this time. Yahoo!, Deadspin and Bleacher Report are all respectable guesses as well...