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Daryl Gross Q&A: Orange Uniforms Confirmed for Syracuse Football

Daryl Gross shared a bunch with fans today. This is one of those things.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Plenty of updates upcoming from's live chat with DOCTOR Gross today, so stay tuned for those. But one of the main (and first) ones had to do with the Orange football team's uniforms (as visual appearance has become nearly as important as on-field appearance at the FBS level). The question:

"Will you consider the alumni and fans pleas to bring back traditional colors in the uniforms? ( i.e more Orange , but not all Orange please) Thank you."

We all remember what happened when Syracuse last wore all-orange, so we're glad that caveat was added. Gross's answer:

"In regards to Orange, Orange is part of the new uniform design and an Orange jersey and Orange pant will be available for our team to use as they choose. The student-athletes themselves were involved in the designs and I know they are excited about the Orange as are recruits."

So it's confirmed: We have orange uniform elements -- beyond just the helmet -- available for use next season. What's interesting though is the choice of words he uses above. "New" uniform design. Does that mean these will look different from the current (2014) uniforms? Or is the "new" element Orange? Did the players help design the previous uniforms (don't completely remember that element)? And if so, can we provide them with honest critiques?

No images of the orange elements yet (update: except maybe these), though you have to figure those are unlikely until the 2015 Spring Game. It's a marketing showcase for the program, and after not having the new duds for sale this previous April, you have to figure these orange ones (which have been called for for 12 months now) will be worn on the field, available for purchase or both. At this point, let's be thrilled that they exist, and avoid pestering recruits to share thoughts and/or photos.

Also: If you think Syracuse isn't taking the full range of uniform combos as an opportunity to get fans involved next year by voting on what to wear, either you're kidding yourself OR this program's lost its handle on #BRAND.