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Is Syracuse's Jim Boeheim a Modern-Day Charles Dickens?

Or maybe he's a Time Lord?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting post appeared on today, commemorating the 171st anniversary of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, while also adding some notes from the author's later visit to Syracuse in 1868. It's a quick read, and it brings up an interesting question:

Is Jim Boeheim a modern-day Charles Dickens?

Or better yet:



Laughing? Sure, I suppose you could do that. But at first glance, tell me who said the following:

"The most wonderful, out-of-the-world place, which looks like it had begun to be built yesterday and were going to be imperfectly knocked together with a nail or two the day after tomorrow."

Or how about this note, about a recent dinner:

"Surprisingly bad... We had an old buffalo for supper and an old pig for breakfast and I don't know what for dinner at six."

A) Jim Boeheim LOVES Syracuse

B) That sounds exactly like Syracuse today

C) Jim Boeheim definitely eats dinner at six

D) Pretty sure Jim talks about all of his food (non-Delmonico's category) this way.


In conclusion: Jim Boeheim IS either a modern-day Charles Dickens OR Charles Dickens himself.

Or he's a Time Lord. That wouldn't really surprise me either at this point.