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Dajuan Coleman Injury: Recovery Coming Along As Planned

Syracuse needs to add depth to its already short-handed roster, and Dajuan Coleman could provided that if he returns to action this season.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As the Syracuse Orange men's basketball team struggles winning games, it's junior forward Dajuan Coleman is battling through the recovery of last-season's knee surgery. Good news, his recovery is coming along just fine according to a report for and he maybe able to return three weeks from now says head coach Jim Boeheim.

SU coach Jim Boeheim said Monday that it would be at least two, possibly three weeks before a decision is made on Coleman's status this season. If he's physically able to participate after a prescribed period, Boeheim said, he will play this season. The Orange's ACC schedule begins Jan. 3 at Virginia Tech.

According to SU's assistant team physician, Dr. Bradley Raphael, the junior forward looks to be progressing just as expected.

"Right now," said Dr. Bradley Raphael, the assistant team physician for SU sports, "his knee is exactly where I hoped it would be at this point."

Since his first season with the Orange, Coleman has been battling issues with his knee. He missed eight conference games during his rookie season, then was pronounced out-for-the-season during the middle of last season when he underwent his latest surgery. That procedure addresses cartilage damage by scooping out an area of healthy bone and cartilage from a non-weight bearing part of the former McDonald All-American's leg and inserted it into a small hole of cartilage damage in his knee.

"He's progressed great. The (SU) training staff has gotten him in excellent shape and they're working on his conditioning, working on his strength. And now, they're trying to give that knee the best environment for success," Raphael said. "He looks great, but I'm deferring to him and (SU athletic trainer) Brad (Pike) and the coaches. Because it's one thing to be able to play, it's another thing to be in the best shape he can be in. There are a lot of factors to consider."

If Coleman is able to return and be semi-productive it would provide some help to a team that's lacks depth. However, there seems to be a good chance Coleman would skip the season to make sure he is fully recovered.