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Zombies in the Carrier Dome: 'This One's For All The Sausage' on Sale Now

Sean's new ebook short is officially on the e-shelf. Give it a read! Or buy it for someone who loves zombies!

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Sean Keeley

The Syracuse Orange football team’s 2014 season isn’t the only thing that’s dead around here...

Imagine if you will, that there's a bowl game taking place in the Carrier Dome in mid-December.

As it almost certainly would, that bowl game pits a 6-6 team from a mid-major conference against another 6-6 team from a mid-major conference.

There's two minutes left in the game. New York State Emperors quarterback Matt "The Cannon" Buchanan has to go 97 yards for a touchdown in order to defeat the Western Ohio University Warrirors, win the 2014 Heitzman Sausage Bowl and hoist high the Golden Sausage Trophy. After a college career that failed to live up to the hype and prospects for a professional football career fizzling, all Buchanan has to look forward to is the next two minutes. He's about to cement his legacy, whatever that means, and earn victory in the only aspect of his football career that he's able to control. The bowl sponsors can't get in his way. The greedy boosters and athletic department have no say. His unfocused coaches looking for a better job are out of the picture. Absolutely nothing is going to stand in Buchanan's way of glory.

Except, maybe...zombies.

My new ebook short This One’s For All The Sausage is on sale now at Amazon. If you like college football, crappy bowl games and zombies, it couldn't possibly be more tailored for you. If you like two of those things, you'll probably enjoy it as well. If you like one of those things, you might find a passing interest in the story. If you like none of those things, well, why are you even here right now?

If you purchase the ebook, thank you! If you enjoy it, please leave a review on the Amazon page and share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. THANK YOU & PLEASE ENJOY!