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Jim Boeheim "Can Not Coach Catching the Basketball"; But What Else Can't He Coach?

Jim Boeheim was frustrated on Sunday. As always, that ends up being kind of funny.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy. Yesterday was a frightening ordeal for Orange fans. As you'd guess in these situations, the game was also frightening -- and highly frustrating -- for Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim. No, it may not touch some of his better post-game press conference moments, but still some inherent comedy in his delivery late Sunday. Let's be honest: like you, Boeheim is a Syracuse basketball fan in some way, and to watch mistakes at several critical moments is maddening. To deal with this, you're either going to yell and be angry, or you're going to laugh. Late-career Boeheim has chosen to make us laugh with his anger and exasperation, as you already know and will see below:

Among many key takeaways, my biggest one is what you see in the title:

Jim Boeheim can not coach catching the basketball (at this stage)

This is true, but it gets me (and maybe you) thinking... what else can't Boeheim coach? Some ideas:

Anything else? Jim Boeheim, man of many talents, obviously can't coach EVERYTHING. Add to his small list of "shortcomings" below.