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Syracuse Football: Orange DT Jalen Harvey Transferring

The third SU player gone this week...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

News of QB Mitch Kimble's intentions to transfer was not a surprise. Nor was DB Jaston George's plans to head elsewhere for his final year of eligibility. But today's news might be a bit more shocking: freshman defensive tackle Jalen Harvey will transfer from the Syracuse Football team.

According to Scout's John Garcia Jr., Syracuse isn't planning to try and fill his now-vacant spot on the defensive tackle depth chart, leaving just five experienced players at that position. As we've pointed out before though, there are reinforcements coming there, including fellow Alabama DT product Steven Clark, who just committed to the Orange this week.

Harvey redshirted for Syracuse this past season, but due to the aforementioned inexperienced on the roster, he would have been in the mix for the regular defensive tackle rotation next year. There's no information regarding where he's going yet, though Western Kentucky and South Alabama would not be terrible guesses considering he was committed to both at separate points in the 2014 recruiting process prior to flipping to Syracuse.

Scout also reports that this does open up a 2015 recruiting slot for the Orange. So for those worried about the wide range of targets and how they all fit on the roster, that's one less concern for you.


Best of luck going forward, Jalen. Hope you're on the field elsewhere soon.