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Syracuse Basketball: DaJuan Coleman Playing Decision Could Come in Two Weeks... Or Not

Things are still up in the air around whether or not we see Coleman this season...

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There is some sort-of news on DaJuan Coleman's status. And by sort-of news, we really just mean there is no update CURRENTLY, though according to there COULD be one within two weeks... or not. It's all very confusing.

Per Mike Waters's conversation with Coleman after Friday's practice, the SU center said a decision on whether or not he'd play this season could come in a week or two. That sounded promising, especially when the article also revealed his steady increase in activity at practice, too. Apparently he's now participating in full-court five-on-five activities, which seems to be a good sign?

But we can't jump to conclusions just yet, either. Within the article, Syracuse trainer Brad Pike's not even sure a decision could come in the next two weeks. Rather, he thinks two weeks from now is just another benchmark to gauge his progress, and then well, we'll see.


So is this news? Still can't tell, based on the mixed feedback from Coleman himself versus the more reserved outlook of Pike. Coleman participating in five-on-five drills sounds like a step forward, so I guess it's something, even if not the news we were hoping for.

Coleman still appears to be on schedule with his recovery. As you'll recall, the junior underwent osteoarticular transfer system (OATS) surgery back in January to repair his knee -- which has hampered his time on the court throughout his Syracuse career thus far. The big man has appeared in just 36 games over the course of two years, and has already missed eight this year, with a bunch more guaranteed to be without him as well. For a 2014-15 Orange squad looking for some contributions from players not named Rakeem Christmas or Chris McCullough, Coleman's experience could go a long way for the young team.

Hoping for your continued progress, DaJuan! We'd all love to see you on the court -- once you're fully healthy.