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Your 2015 Vintage Syracuse Football Poster Calendar Is Here

Get 10% off your purchase with a special TNIAAM code.

I love me some vintage Syracuse Orange college football posters. And if you make a calendar using those old timey posters, you basically own my money.

And so, Asgard Press was smart enough to take my money again with the release of the 2015 Vintage Syracuse Football Poster Calendar.

Feel your heart pounding with the big bass drum! The glorious Syracuse autumn Saturdays march back to life with this archival collection of twelve football program covers from Orangemen games gone by. Each month presents a 50-yard-line seat to historic games and treasured memories. Printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based inks, these faithfully restored images suit dorm and dens alike. When the year is over, the archival-quality pages remove easily so you can proudly display your favorites in a standard 11"x14" frame.

The images featured in this calendar are archival-quality reproductions of the covers of the actual souvenir game programs that were sold at the games many decades ago. In some cases the images have been digitally repaired and restored where creases, tears, marks, or other damage would have otherwise distracted from the appreciation of the artwork as it appeared at that time. Some images have been cropped and/or resized to fit this format.


What's double cool is that you like one (or 12) of the posters, you can tear them out of the calendar and frame them separately.

Normally running you $21.95, you can get a special TNIAAM discount by going to the site and entering promo code "orange14" for 10% off. Please note that the 10% off doesn't show up until you go to pay. The offer is good until February 1, 2014.

While you're there, also check out the previous year poster calendars and other Syracuse-related items they've got. Your discount covers all purchases.