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SU Football Recruiting: Steven Clark Commits to SU

The 2015 Defensive Tackle from Brindlee Mountain HS in Alabama chose the Orange over South Alabama.

Trey Dunkelberger

Clark was initially a South Alabama commit, but all that changed when the Orange extended him an offer about three weeks ago. Clark took a few days, decommitted, and then visited the Syracuse campus with his family and a host of other uncommitted recruits last weekend. It was thought he would commit on the visit, but late interest from Minnesota made him pause. After he met with Minny's coaching staff yesterday, he wasn't extended an offer, and today made his pledge to Syracuse official.

Clark joins Anthony Guidice and Ty Cross as committed DTs in the 2015 class, which is a huge position of need, as evidenced by our lack of depth this season. He becomes the 3rd player from Alabama on the Syracuse roster, joining Alyrk Perry and Kayton Samuels. When I saw both of their tapes last season, I thought the Orange did some great work unearthing diamonds in the rough, and it looks like Clark might be another one.

Clark chose the Orange over an offer from South Alabama.

Tape Breakdown

The first thing that sticks out here is Steven's tenacity and aggression toward the ball carrier and opposing linemen. He doesn't quit on the ball, and it's always encouraging to see a defensive lineman 20 yards downfield making the tackle on a running back. There are numerous clips of this as well so it's clear Clark is going to work his tail off. He sniffs out screens and swing passes well, which shows a great awareness of the game.

He also keeps low at the point of attack and doesn't get pushed off the ball. While the kids in his league look  smaller than him, his technique is still a reason for me to be encouraged. He blocks well too, and this leads me to believe he can play a role on the field goal/punt teams as soon as next season.

I really think Clark is a diamond in the rough, and I am excited to see what he can do over his next four years as an Orangeman.