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Troy Nunes is An Absolute Podcast: Louisiana Tech Preview, College Football Playoff Overview

John and Dan get together to address the current state of Syracuse basketball, discuss the College Football Playoff and of course some beer too.

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Hey, we get two of these this week! AND they manage not to overlap all that much. Syracuse basketball needs some help, and it's tough to pinpoint the "one" thing that could help the Orange get back on track. There's also a lot going on with the football world too, even if Syracuse isn't necessarily involved yet -- we'll dive in to some of the recent headlines.

This week, John Cassillo is joined by Dan Lyons to glance feverishly at the panic button, talk all about the College Football Playoff and chat about some beer, too. Some major topics include:

  • Hey, want a free audiobook? Go to
  • Baylor and TCU got jobbed... and they also didn't
  • Syracuse basketball is looking average, but so is most of the country
  • Diagnosing why you'd leave Wisconsin for Corvallis, Ore.
  • How to fix the NBA and college basketball's struggles with age minimums
  • Can the Orange survive without a certifiable jump shooter?
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

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Plan accordingly: This podcast is about an hour long. We focus mostly on basketball, though we also do plenty to avoid getting too negative, and divert to the College Football Playoff instead.

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