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Everything is Terrible: The '14-'15 Syracuse Basketball Team According to Jim Boeheim

If you're looking for someone to say good things about SU, don't look at Jim Boeheim.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you think you've been hard on the 2014-2015 Syracuse Orange basketball team, trust me, Jim Boeheim is being just as hard. In true Boeheim fashion, he's not afraid to share those opinions with you.

Syracuse needs more support from it's depth chart. So, whose stepping up?

"A lot of what we do has to go by practice and what we see," Boeheim said. "When guys play well in practice we try to get them in the games. We haven't had great practices. We haven't had anyone who stands out like, 'Well, this guy should be playing.'"

Kaleb Joseph needs to work on completing his game. Does it seem like that's happening?

"He obviously needs to take care of the ball and get us into our offense. I think the biggest single thing, his defense has not been good. People overlook that but a lot of the guard penetration has been on him. He needs to do a better job on defense first and foremost going forward."

Good, good. Syracuse also need better shooting. How's that coming along?

"It doesn't appear we're going to be a very good shooting team. but we could be, hopefully, we'll get a little better."

Good chat, Jim. Good chat. Listen to the whole interview with Brent Axe over here.