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Daryl Gross: 'It Was A Very Difficult Year and People Are Disappointed'

After dropping the season finale to Boston College, Syracuse AD Daryl Gross refused to comment on the future of head coach Scott Shafer.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The future of Scott Shafer as Syracuse University's head football coach is uncertain.

After Syracuse's disappointing 28-7 loss to Boston College on Saturday, Athletic Director Daryl Gross didn't say Shafer is done after just two seasons as head coach. He didn't sound confident either, according to's Bud Poliquin.

Gross gave the expected vague answer when asked about Shafer.

"I wouldn't even get into anything about that right now," announced the unsmiling Syracuse athletic director when asked of his head coach.

The rest of his answer -- the part where you typically support your coach -- didn't sound reassuring.

"You know, Scott is such a great guy. Obviously, he's trying hard and trying to keep things together. But that's for later. We can talk about those things later."

And while he didn't exactly give the positive answer many were hoping for in regards to Shafer's future, Gross did acknowledge that Shafer didn't have a lot to work with this year.

"Obviously, this was a year that had tremendous setbacks," Gross noted. "It was a very difficult year and people are disappointed. But you have anomalies like this where things, a lot of injuries, happen. "It's hard not to see Ashton Broyld and Brisly Estime and Terrel Hunt and guys like that on the field. There were some good guys who played against Minnesota (in the 2013 Texas Bowl) and did some good things who weren't out there for us this season. I mean, this year looked promising. We had some good pieces coming back, but it didn't work out."

The Orange had tons of injuries, two offensive coordinators and a less than spectacular roster to start with. Is that enough to save Shafer or will Gross be placing a phone call to Bo Pelini.

Just kidding.