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Ten Books Every Syracuse Fan Should Probably Own

Are you a Syracuse completist? Only if you own all of these literary works...

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Getting up early to hit Amazon for all your Cyber Monday deals? Well then let us help steer you in the right direction. Below we've cobbled together a selection of ten books that are pretty much required for anyone who wants to consider themselves a learned Syracuse Orange fan, or wants to help the next generation of Syracuse fans get ahead of the game.

Being a Syracuse fan is really hard (See: Syracuse Football, 2014), so it's a good idea to read about all the great stuff that comes with this fandom to remind yourself why you do it.

And if you're not interested in these books but plan of going shopping online today, please consider starting with this Amazon link which will help support TNIAAM without having to do anything other than what you already had planned. Thanks!

1. Bleeding Orange: Fifty Years of Blind Referees, Screaming Fans, Beasts of the East, and Syracuse Basketball

I mean, you probably should have bought this already but, just in case. Our book review is here and it remains the kind of tome we can remember weeks later as a great way to put into context the kind of decisions Boeheim makes, even during games.

2. 100 Things Syracuse Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

A really good resource of knowledge, history and ideas for Orange fans who want to say they've experienced everything that comes with being a fan.

3. Otto's ABCs

For Little Oranges, this book is illustrated by our good friend Michael Borkowski. If you like his artwork, this is a great way to support him AND get the kids hooked on Otto (and then SU) early...

4. The Syracuse Fan's Survival Guide to the ACC

Written by Mike Waters, this definitive guide comes in handy, especially if you plan on attending any away games in the ACC. Gives you the insight and history you need to know when confronted by Clemson fans demanding to know why you think you're so special, you typical Northern Yankee. Show'm why you're so special.

5. Ernie Davis: The Elmira Express, the Story of a Heisman Trophy Winner

Did you like The Express but wanted more details about what it was like for Ernie Davis to grow up and become the legend that he became? The book the movie was based on is the perfect way to do that.

6. A Halo For A Helmet: The Whole Story Of Ernie Davis

A few years back after viewing The Express, I was left wondering whether or not what I'd seen was the real story of Ernie Davis. I spoke with K. Coralee Burch, the author of A Halo For a Helmet, and found out...not exactly. Burch attended school with the Syracuse legend and has a much more personal account of what it was like to grow up Ernie Davis than any other source. Anyone who wants to be a completist on his story needs to read it.

7. Color Him Orange: The Jim Boeheim Story

Perhaps not as personal as Boeheim's autobiography, Scott Pitoniak's breakdown of the legendary coach certainly provides a more rounded view of Boeheim's growth from lanky basketball player to premiere college basketball coach. Read Boeheim's book for the personal stories and then read this book to color in everything around it.

8. Legends of Syracuse Basketball

Another one by Mike Waters, this book gives you the rundown of every great SU basketball star, from the first All-American (Lew Castle) to the Champion himself, Carmelo Anthony.

9. '59: The Story of the 1959 Syracuse University National Championship Football Team

55 years on, the 1959 Syracuse Football squad remains our only true National Champion. There's more to their story than just Ernie Davis. Read all about it.

10. How To Grow An Orange: The Right Way To Brainwash Your Child Into Becoming A Syracuse Fan

Like I wasn't going to include this...