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Duke 27 - Syracuse 10: And So It Goes...

The Orange will be home for Christmas. And all of December, really.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Set aside the loss to the Florida State Seminoles and the loss to the Louisville Cardinals for a moment.

Every other loss that the Syracuse Orange football team had this season so far was a game that, in some sense, still felt winnable in the second half. Of those five losses, Syracuse was in all of those games in the second half, sometimes down to the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

They did that in spite of a deluge of injuries I don't think I've ever seen. They did that despite being down to their fourth-string quarterback. They did that in spite of an offensive coordinator mid-season regime change. And they did it despite mounting losses and hemorrhaging fan support.

So to be honest with you, I don't really know how to feel about the Orange's 27-10 loss to the Duke Blue Devils. It's frustrating. Frustrating to see that we're officially going to have a losing season. Frustrating to know Syracuse absolutely could have won with Mitch Kimble (MITCH KIMBLE!) at the helm. Frustrating to watch a school like Duke (and upcoming opponent Boston College) succeed where we can't.

Syracuse Football: It's Frustrating.

More detailed recap coming but in the meantime leave your frustrations below. I'm sure you have plenty...