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SU Basketball: Jim Boeheim and Dick Vitale And This Photo

*Something profound that makes this post seem like there's more to it even though there's not.*

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I should provide some background here, but, let's be real, you're here for this:

Boeheim vs. Vital

Well, hello, there!

James Arthur Boeheim, decked out in Syracuse home whites from the early '90s and his ever-present glasses; Dick Vitale, wearing track-star-short shorts and a mismatched generic navy jersey.




Okay, so this is obviously not a new photo. It's actually from July of 1991 and it was taken in Rochester, New York. For some reason, not clear to Boeheim himself it seems even now, Dick Vitale challenged the Syracuse coach to a one-on-one game for charity. Or maybe it was the other way around, really. Who knows? The genesis is lost in time, I suppose.

Still, we know it happened, even though it somehow slipped past me in '91 and again when it was broached in Color Him Orange (a book that gives great insight into Boeheim) and again in other retellings throughout time.

But, like two gangly, pasty-white bugs splattering on my windshield, it hit him me smack in the head while reading Boeheim's new book, "Bleeding Orange." Boeheim conveying some detail about the event, but failing to provide the photo above. Which has me like a man obsessed: I'll stop at nothing to find out more about this game. Specifically, I want video! Yeah, I'll take that picture above, but there has to be a television report out there -- be it just a vo-sot or an actual full-blown package. Honestly, how in the world was Dick Vitale vs. Jim Boeheim not a 30 For 30?

"What if I told you, an old loudmouth announcer took on a younger-than-he-looks loudmouth coach in a game of one-on-one basketball that no one wanted to see then and can't remember now?"

Vitale Vs. Boeheim: The Day Basketball Died.

Actually, Mike Waters remembers, although it sounds like I may have brought up some repressed images.

I have to find out more, Mike!

Like how the two played a game of "first to 15 wins." I mean, that seems like a long time for both of them to be out there on a court, attempting basketball moves and whatnot. At the time Vitale was 52 (which seems generous but is somehow accurate) and Boeheim was 46 (also a seemingly gracious but correct number). A first-to-15 winner? Why not just, "first one to seven" or "first one to make an actual basket" winner?

Evidently, though, Boeheim made quick work of the one-eyed announcer, winning 15-3.

"He's {Vitale} is always accusing me of playing all easy. That was the easiest game I've ever played. We could go undefeated with opponents like that." Even hobbled by a bad ankle, Boeheim needed less than 10 minutes to defeat Vitale. "He's always saying I never anybody," said Boeheim, "the only problem is I still haven't."

Funny quips from Boeheim, as per usual. And I'm sure it was an oddly entertaining match up, at least on the unintentional comedy scale. Probably a pretty good story there to be told. But, my God, that picture! That's all I can see until I get more on this alleged "game." I can't un-see that shot, and If it's worth a thousand words, all of them are burned into our brains, forever.