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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Previewing the Blue Devils

Syracuse takes on the Blue Devils in the Quarters of the ACC Tournament this Sunday.

Courtesy of Syracuse Soccer
Courtesy of Syracuse Soccer
Syracuse Men's Soccer

Football weekend against Duke is happening both Saturday and Sunday. Not only do we get to see the Blue Devils on the opposing side of the gridiron, we get them on the pitch Sunday in the Quarterfinals of the ACC Tournament. This #7 seeded Duke squad is 9-8-1 and took a golden goal in the closing minutes of the second overtime to see them through to the second round over #10 seed NC State.

The Blue Devils have some history beating #1's this year, after taking down rival UNC (then #1) at home in September. However, the squad is completely different at home vs on the road. They've managed to go 8-2-1 in the friendly confines of Raleigh, and have an abysmal 1-6-0 road record. Thankfully, they're on the road this weekend. The squad pivots around it's stalwart midfield including senior Sean Davis. Davis is the tempo bell for the Duke offense and much of their opportunity will roll through his feet. He's sitting on a team high 10 assists at present, good enough for third in the country.

They've been reformed lately in the back and senior Wilson Fisher has had to take the helm in goal from freshman Joe Ohaus due to injury. Since he gained the starting spot, Fisher is 4-1-0 and holding his own quite well, including a season high 6 saves last game against NC State. He's surrounded by a veteran defense with CB Nat Eggleston and RB Chase Keeling. The defense should be tough to crack, but Syracuse's diverse attack and strength closing through the middle of the pitch into the counter should be able to see them through.

Syracuse comes into the tournament #1 in the country and as the second seed in the ACC. They finished the regular season at 14-2-1 after one of the best campaigns in school history. They're 8-1-0 at home, thanks to the 1-0 loss to number one seed Notre Dame earlier in the year.

The game is 1pm on Sunday up at Syracuse Soccer Stadium. Feel free to come out early and tailgate with us. You'll see the popup with the American Outlaws banner hanging from it. It will be streamed on Orange All Access for all of you interested who can't catch it up on the hill.