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The Hay is Never in The Barn: The T-Shirt

You know the phrase. Now own the shirt.

The hay is...well, you know...
The hay is...well, you know...

"The hay is never in the barn."

Former Syracuse Orange running back Jerome Smith made it abundantly clear that when discussing hay and when discussing barns, the two should never be assumed to be located within the same space. And actually, it's a notion that he learned from one of his predecessors, Antwon Bailey.

"He told me, 'Youngin, the hay is never in the barn,' " Smith said Tuesday morning. "(Bailey) said figure out what that is and call me back."

..."I said, 'You gotta get up and work every day because every day the hay probably is outside the barn and you gotta put it back inside,' " Smith said. "And he said, 'Yeah, something like that,' and he never told me what it meant and I formed my own opinion on what it was."

Since then, "the hay is never in the barn" has become a mantra for Syracuse fans. Whenever you think the job is done, it's not. You know why? Because the hay is never in the barn. You might think it is. You might have even seen someone put it in there. But it's not. Cause Jerome said so.

That can be a tough concept to wrap your mind around so it's best to have a handy reminder available. As such, you and everyone you know should probably buy TNIAAM's The Hay Is Never In the Barn t-shirt. It's just going to save everyone a lot of time and make life so much easier. Available in white and orange for men and women.


Sorry, no platinum. The platinum is most certainly never in the barn.