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Syracuse vs. Boston College: TNIAAM Score Predictions & Poll

Finally, this season ends.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange conclude the 2014 football season with a trip to Boston to take on the Boston College Eagles. It probably won't be pretty and we've got the predictions to prove it...

Invisible Swordsman

Boston College 31, Syracuse 13

During the Pitt game, it really looked like we no longer wanted to be on the football field. Seriously, our offense was making up new ways to not move the ball, and our defense just looks parents who have infant triplets, and have basically been awake for several months straight. BC is a better team than Pitt, so I really can't see us winning here. Let's just let these guys get this season over with, grab some shut eye, and let them come back fresh in the Spring...hopefully our infant triplets will have worked out their red zone deficiencies by then.

Dan Lyons

Boston College 24 - Syracuse 7

A few weeks ago I probably would've believe that this game would be closer, but nothing I've seen recently indicates that it will go that way. When healthy, these two teams are similarly talented, but Boston College knows exactly what it wants to be, and executes about as well as any team in the nation and doesn't shoot itself in the foot with stupid penalties and mistakes. Syracuse...well, you know. 2014 will end in a very 2014-y fashion, and we'll all be happy to put this game to rest.

Jared Smith

Boston College 31 - Syracuse 10

It's going to be a tough way to lose the season-losing Orange Eagle points-but this season is lost. Just don't see the Orange knocking off the Eagles who want to get another win to help get into a better bowl. It will be a tough pill to swallow as the defense this year was pretty good.

Ben Burrows

Boston College 21 - Syracuse 13

Boston College is all right this year and SU is pretty bad. Tyler Murphy can do it all for BC and that’s probably enough. I don’t think SU can win if it has any turnovers at this point with how poorly the offense is playing. I also don’t think having zero turnovers is realistic. So, with that being said, I don’t think SU can win this game unless the defense does some crazy stuff and Boston College self-destructs.

John Cassillo

Boston College 23 - Syracuse 9

We know this story already: Syracuse has no offense, and that's an obvious issue against any opponent. And if last week's performance against run-heavy Pittsburgh is any indication, the Orange will struggle again facing another run-first (sometimes, only) team in Boston College. Sure, it would be nice to end BC's season on a sour note, but it's just not plausible based on SU's execution of late. The loss drops them to 3-9, and an offseason of hand-wringing for the Orange faithful.

Michael Burke

Boston College 24 - Syracuse 7

I didn’t see this coming. 3-9? Seriously? Even with the injuries, this is just a tough pill to swallow. Depressing, really. I would like to believe that the Orange can put forth a good effort on Saturday and finish the season on a high note, but I can’t see it happening. They’ve already quit. At least basketball season is here.

Sean Keeley

Boston College 31 - Syracuse 13

You guys, it is what it is. The season is lost. Whatever momentum this team could possibly ride is long gone. The offense is a broken jumble on the floor incapable of being put back together. The defense has held its own but is incapable of winning games on its own. Hence, Syracuse is incapable of winning this road game against a probably-better-than-their-record 6-5. Let's try this again next year...

What do you think?