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A TNIAAM Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks for Syracuse (and Related Things)

Some of the TNIAAM staff gives a quick "thanks" to the things we can all appreciate as Syracuse fans...

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! As you make your way to your respective corners of the country (or world) to celebrate one of America's favorite holidays, the TNIAAM staff wanted to pause and give some thanks to the things that make being a Syracuse fan more tolerable. Also, since the site will largely be vacant tomorrow, why not put up a holiday theme post, right?

Join us below, and share your own "thanks" -- about Syracuse sports or other important things in your life.

Ben Burrows

I'm thankful for Thomas Bryant's mom, Linda. She's an incredibly smart woman that we should all be thankful for. She knows the best school for her son when she sees it and she's not afraid to tell everyone. #2015NCAAChamps

Michael Burke

I'm thankful for the fact that Chris McCullough chose Syracuse. The thought of how this team would look without him is a scary one. With him, I still believe the Orange can ultimately be a pretty good team this season.

Sean Farrell

I’m thankful for that reminder on Tuesday night, that Syracuse’s offense, while not great, could be a lot worse. We all like to complain and gripe about the scoring (and lack thereof), but missing 13 shots to start the game is a whole other level of bad. Thanks Greyhounds for the #perspective.

Matt McClusky

I'm thankful for the doctors figuring out that I was very slowly dying after they cut a hole into my esophagus a couple of weeks ago. After a handful of days in the hospital, I'm on the mend and very happy to be alive. (No truth to the rumor that Will.Junior was somehow behind the whole ordeal. I don't think, anyway.)

Sean Keeley

I'm thankful for Chris McCullough. If you're concerned about the 2014-2015 Syracuse basketball team with him, imagine what things would look like if he weren't here. His six months in orange & white (& platinum) will be most appreciated.

John Cassillo

I'm thankful for Syracuse football being over, and by design, Syracuse basketball starting. This has been a rough fall season for Orange fans so far, so it's nice that hoops has begun and can at least take our minds off of an offense that struggles to score and squander a stout defense's... oh. Damn.


What are you thankful for as a Syracuse fan? Let us know below. And happy Thanksgiving, everybody! See you all again on Friday.