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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting: 2015 C Thomas Bryant's Mom Says Orange Lead Indiana

While this is far from assured, it's definitely nice to hear...

Elsa/Getty Images

For those following the class of 2015 recruiting trail, Syracuse basketball may have received a very good sign from Huntington (WV) Prep's Thomas Bryant's mother today. The highly-regarded (four-star, per Rivals) center's mom, Lisa Bryant, told the following on Monday night:

"Really it's down to two. Syracuse and Indiana. And it might be down to one soon. Thomas has always told me that Syracuse was the leader."

Well that's extremely nice to hear at this juncture. Thanks, Mrs. Bryant!

Now, it's still early, obviously, but you have to like where that type or rhetoric takes Syracuse's chances in terms of landing the big man in Orange (or platinum?). Linda said that recent news at Indiana has helped SU gain some leverage. Though let's hope the NCAA doesn't give them any reasons to doubt us next... (not hypothesizing, just hoping there are no scholarships lost, etc.)

Obviously the main issue for Syracuse right now is a roster spot (they don't have any scholarships available yet), but that's easily remedied by a player leaving earlier than intended -- either by transfer or the NBA Draft. Regardless of how he gets here, it seems like the Orange (as always) will figure things out.


While talking about her son's other suitors, Linda seemed to dismiss Missouri a bit, while also throwing some excellent shade at the NBA SEC's Kentucky Wildcats:

"You have to give kudos to the man (Calipari) for being able to recruit like that. But I don't think that's the right place for my son. He's a young man who is still learning the game. He needs to be focused on that, not worrying which platoon he is on."

Syracuse Basketball: Platoon-less. We swear.

Linda closed by talking about the Orange staff's recruitment, and it appears Jim Boeheim has also gotten in on the act, speaking with her son via text this week. I don't know about you, but if Jim Boeheim ever texted me, I'd lose probably pass out. Partially because of who he is, partially because a Boeheim text would likely be a gem the likes of which will never hit your phone again.


Again: Far from over, but you have to like the direction things are headed. The 6'10", 235-pound center would be a (literally) huge addition to Syracuse hoops, and a player to watch for Freshman of the Year considerations once he arrives on (a) campus.