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Syracuse Football vs. Pitt: Pre-Game Jitters Thread

Like last time: Are they "jitters" if the fan base largely appears checked out?

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Welcome to Saturday! Syracuse (3-7) (1-5) is playing non-rival Pittsburgh (4-6) (2-4) at Heinz Field today, with kickoff beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET. No, this one might not matter much for the Orange since they're already eliminated from postseason eligibility (lame), but for Pitt, they're in dire straits. So why not make things miserable for them, just as they've done to us a lot in recent years. In case you missed it, this game will be aired on ESPNU (because there was nothing else on?)

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Kickoff is still over four hours away, but in the meantime, plenty of good football and College Gameday (from Harvard?) on, too. Most importantly: