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The Carrier Dome Isn't NFL-Ready. Does That Matter?

We found out Thursday that the NFL wouldn't even look in the direction of the Carrier Dome as a replacement for the Bills-Jets game, allegedly because it's not up to snuff. The question now, that proof the Dome needs to be replaced or is just the obvious truth?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When news broke that the Buffalo Bills - New York Jets game this weekend would have to be moved out of snowy Buffalo, we had a lot of fun wondering whether or not the NFL would decide to hold the game in the Carrier Dome (on Monday since there's a giant ice rink in there Saturday).

In theory, it made sense. Locals would be able to make the trek (snow withstanding) and it would keep the game between two New York teams in New York.

Instead, the NFL is moving the game all the way to Detroit. Why? Because Ford Field is a bonafide NFL facility and the Carrier Dome quite simply is not.

That's not too much of a surprise. Completed in 1980, it's been a long time since anyone called the Dome state of the art.

The question is...does this realization matter?

The folks who want to replace the Dome with a new arena will certainly say so. They just got some gift-wrapped ammunition to use as they say Syracuse can't attract next-level events due to the age and wear & tear of the Dome. Syracuse, NY needs a facility that, in theory, the NFL (and other entities) could look at and say "let's hold our event there." And at the very least, the Syracuse Athletics teams deserve a facility that can help them compete at the highest level.

The other side will say we never really had a chance to get an NFL game in Syracuse to begin with. Location-aside, there was little upside to the league moving things around to play in a place that couldn't handle it. Too much money, too many advertisers, too many accommodations needed and too many moving pieces in place to trust this kind of event to anything but a NFL-quality stadium and city. Same goes for the Final Four and other national events like it. They're not coming to Syracuse, state-of-the-art facilities or not.

What do you think? I feel like it's a non-issue, but, perhaps I'm wrong. And maybe this will be the impetus to make a huge change...whether it's worth it or not.