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Boston College Legend Doug Flutie Remembers Playing in 'The Damn Carrier Dome'

Doug Flutie likes the renewed rivalry between Syracuse and Boston College, even if he hated playing in the Carrier Dome.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Flutie was interviewed by our "friends" at BC Interruption and part of the discussion dealt with the BC's rivalries. Specifically, how does the Heisman Trophy winner feel about the Syracuse Orange and Boston College Eagles being put together as the annual Thanksgiving weekend season-ender for the foreseeable future.

Turns out, he's a big believer in the #OrangeEagle Rivalry:

BCI: 30th anniversary of BC-Miami, but due to ACC divisional alignment, those two schools only play once every six years or so. But the ACC has set up a season-ending rivalry weekend that includes BC-Syracuse over Thanksgiving weekend. Do you like the ACC's season ending rivalry setup with a mix of ACC-SEC rivalries and intra-ACC games?

DF: I kinda like it. Syracuse is a rival going way back. I know maybe it’s a little older generation and back to the Big East days, or actually even before the Big East days. Being an independent, we played Syracuse every year so that is a rivalry for us. It was a game that was always a pain in my neck. We beat them twice at our place and they beat us twice at their place, when we were, at the time, a better football team.

It’s good. You love rivalry games down the wire of seasons and I know that Boston College doesn’t get to play Miami every year but that really wasn’t a rivalry thing. That was a one-shot deal down in Miami at the time that I played. So when we get an opportunity to play them, they can reminisce about the ‘84 game once every six years.

BCI: Last question. Boston College and Syracuse have a long history. When BC has a good team, Syracuse knocks em down. When Syracuse has a good team, BC knocks em down. Any favorite memories from the times you faced the Orange during your playing days at BC?

DF: Yeah, getting on the bus and leaving the damn Carrier Dome and going to the airport was my favorite memory … because we struggled down there.

Honestly, my favorite memory is Kelvin Martin … we’re playing Syracuse at Foxboro in what was Sullivan Stadium at the time. Kelvin Martin returned a punt for a touchdown to ice the game and that put us in a New Year’s Day bowl. That locked up our New Year’s Day bowl bid which became the Cotton Bowl which was a really big moment for us.

Sorry not sorry, Doug Flutie.