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Syracuse Football: Orange Depth Chart vs. Pitt Released, Austin Wilson Still Starting QB

So another week of Austin Wilson at quarterback gives us an opportunity to really see what we have with this group of quarterbacks, I guess?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, we still have a football team, and they're still in the midst of their season. I know, crazy, right?!

Regarding that football team, they released this week's depth chart versus the not-at-all-rival Pitt Panthers, and it appears that Austin Wilson will once again be the starting quarterback for the Orange. Mitch Kimble is his backup and either Jarrod West or man/god Riley Dixon would take over if both of them were injured (not out of the question at this point).

Like always, there's very little we can glean from looking at these depth charts, as they're rarely indicative of who will truly play on Saturdays. But also worth noting that West has reclaimed his place as starting wide receiver, whatever that means. Steve Ishmael had grabbed the spot weeks ago, but in the last month, we've seen the team utilize West much more while targets to Ishmael have diminished a bunch.


So for those hoping to see A.J. Long back, that's not happening. And for those others hoping that Terrel Hunt may take the field again in 2014, you're also likely to be disappointed. As we know, this has been a lost season for the program. And seeing them close out this season without players like Long, Hunt, Ivan Foy and others sort of puts an exclamation point on that sentiment.