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Otto the Orange Has Undergone Another Makeover: What Might He/She/It Look Like Now?

There's word that Otto the Orange is getting another makeover. What might the new version look like?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

While doing my usual hanging around on Twitter this morning (Pacific Time), I -- and I'm sure you, too -- saw the following piece of information related to Syracuse athletics:

My first reaction was didn't we just do this? And yes, we did, about three years ago. But contained within that article is the explanation for why we're doing this yet again:

The new costume cost around $10,000 to create. Based on wear and tear, the costume usually needs to be replaced every 2-3 years and Otto's supporters start from scratch each time, not to mention needing to pay for travel to competitions.

I'd always thought the university would have a few versions of the same costume, but I guess not. I'm sure Otto wasn't looking too hot after the ice bucket challenge doused all that already-musty fabric in water.


So what might the new Otto look like? Chances are it'll be pretty similar to the most recent one. But what are some other possibilities?

Angry Otto

Angry Otto

(image via Chris Creamer's

Everyone hates Angry Otto, but what better way to show that Syracuse is #hardnosed than with a angry, toothy citrus fruit? Most importantly, is it on #brand? Verdict: On #BRAND.

Mike Borkowski's Otto

Mike Borkowski Otto

(via Mike Borkowski)

Mike's Otto here, which differs slightly from the version that usually appears on, is school-approved and doesn't really require much change to the current plush one. So with the DOC Gross seal of approval, this one is definitively on #BRAND.

Throwback Otto

Otto 90s Original

(via Syracuse University)

No, not the dirty one. The dirty-ER one. This Otto is very #BRAND, though may scare some kids. That mouth-agape look is the stuff of mild nightmares.

SUPER Throwback Otto

Soul Stealing Otto

(via Syracuse University)

You know: the one that has eyes that steal your soul. Yeah, that one! It'll probably kill you, sure. But it's all about the #BRAND, and all that empty space on the back of this one allows for sponsored logos, too.

Terrifying Clown

Syracuse Clown

#BRAND enough? I'm not so sure. He's got the whole terror theme we've been going with down-pat. But might not scream "Syracuse" enough. Pass.

Egnaro the Troll

Troll Face

No real image. SYRACUSE, GET ON THIS! Make him orange and maybe we have a #BRAND fit. Still, just not up to the standards of...


Nike Orange

Can't compete with this one. It's perfect. #BRAND, solidified. Hello, new Otto!