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Syracuse Basketball: A Decade of Orange Names and Numbers

Before we jump into another season of Syracuse basketball, some numbers that might be of interest...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We're just days away from the start of the 2014-15 Syracuse basketball season -- a cause for joy and celebration across the fan base while football devolves into a tire fire before our eyes. The last decade of Orange hoops has had its ups and downs, highs and lows and colorful cast of characters, but why not dig a bit further into that before another season begins?

Below, I break down the names and numbers you should probably know from the last decade of Syracuse basketball (2004-2014). At some point next offseason, perhaps we'll do a full rundown since Jim Boeheim took over, or perhaps the entire program's history. Just too much of an undertaking right now, however...

All statistics were taken from, and keep in mind that while some of these players may have suited up for SU prior to the 2004-05 season, we only count their stats from that point on for the purposes of this post.


Four Michaels/Mikes have donned a Syracuse jersey in the past decade: Gbinije, Carter-Williams, Williams and Jones. You'll remember them all for very different, entertaining reasons. "Silent G" obviously still has a legacy to leave outside of a nickname.

Three Josh/Matts have also each played for the Orange. The Joshs: Brooks, Wright and Pace. The Matts: Gorman, Tomaszewski and Lyde-Cajuste.

More Threes: Three different players named Jones wore Orange: Noel, Mike and of course, MOOOOOKKIIIEEEEEE.


26,804 points have been tallied by Syracuse over the past decade of basketball games. Your top five scorers, which are unlikely to really surprise anyone (except maybe in terms of who's at the top):

Player Year(s) Total Points % of Points
Eric Devendorf 2005-09 1680 6.27%
C.J. Fair 2010-14 1660 6.19%
Brandon Triche 2009-13 1564 5.83%
Kris Joseph 2008-12 1476 5.51%
Scoop Jardine 2007-12 1265 4.72%

Syracuse has pulled down 12,282 rebounds in the last 10 years. The top five, which you'll expect. Plus a sixth, which could surprise:

Player Year(s) Total Rebounds % of Rebounds
Rick Jackson 2007-11 930 7.57%
Paul Harris 2006-09 832 6.77%
C.J. Fair 2010-14 815 6.64%
Arinze Onuaku 2005-10 804 6.55%
Terrence Roberts 2004-07 663 5.40%
Kris Joseph 2008-12 627 5.11%

And in terms of assists, the Orange have dished 5,620 over the past 10 years of basketball. The lion's share belong to these seven players, which is why they're all included here. Of particular interest is how high Scoop's percentage is, plus how high Flynn and McNamara's numbers are despite just two seasons within the range:

Player Year(s) Total Assists % of Assists
Scoop Jardine 2007-12 619 11.01%
Jonny Flynn 2007-09 439 7.81%
Brandon Triche 2009-13 438 7.79%
Gerry McNamara 2004-06 375 6.67%
Eric Devendorf 2005-09 374 6.65%
Andy Rautins 2005-10 347 6.17%
Michael Carter-Williams 2011-13 345 6.14%

There have been 12 different players who scored 1,000 points or more since the start of the 2004-05 season. Another 10 have 400 or more rebounds in the same stretch. And assists -- though harder to come by -- still gave some decent totals, too: seven different players had at least 300. Oddly, Paul Harris is eighth on that assists list (with 254). You're baffled because you should be.

The only players to even come close to making all three lists spelled out above? Paul Harris, who fell 46 assists short. No one else was really within sniffing distance.

In total, 63 players played at least one minute in the past 10 seasons -- some obviously more than others. Of those 63 players, 58 scored at least a point, 59 pulled down at least one rebound and 53 registered at least one assist. Which brings us to...

All zeros. Just one of those 63 players had zeros across the board in the three statistics we tracked. It was Ryan Cahak, who probably didn't even come to mind as an option. But here he is.


Full list of names and numbers here, via Google doc. Enjoy, and happy (almost) basketball season!