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Fun With Syracuse Football Statistics - Week 11


Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday's 27-10 loss to the Duke Blue Devils, here's where the Syracuse Orange now rank in the major statistical categories among all FBS teams:


Passing Offense: 199.4 YPG (89th)

Rushing Offense: 157.4 YPG (69th)

Total Offense: 356.8 YPG (102nd)

Red Zone Offense: 31 attempts, 12 TDs, 14 FGs, .839 PCT (58th)

Scoring Offense: 19.1 PPG (115th)


Passing Defense: 217.0 YPG (48th)

Rushing Defense: 127.3 YPG (24th)

Total Defense: 344.3 YPG (29th)

Red Zone Defense: 33 attempts, 15 TDs, 12 FGs, .818 PCT (T-49th)

Scoring Defense: 23.4 PPG (T-39th)

Special Teams

Net Punting: 36.42 yard AVG (89th)

Kickoff Returns: 18.56 yard AVG (115th)

Punt Returns: 8.0 yard AVG (62nd)

Kickoff Return Defense: 18.32 yard AVG (23rd)

Punt Return Defense: 13.64 yard AVG (118th)

Third Down

Third Down Conversion PCT: .348 (104th)

Third Down Conversion PCT Defense: .400 (T-74th)


Penalties Per Game: 7.20 (T-101st)

Total Penalties: 72 (T-104th)

Penalty Yards Per Game: 57.50 (79th)

Total Penalty Yards: 575 (96th)


Turnovers Gained: 18 (T-29th)

Turnovers Lost: 16 (T-68th)

Turnover Margin: +2 (T-48th)