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What the P-S Won't Tell You About Florida State

What happens when the #1 party school in the nation crosses streams with the #1 football team in the nation? We party while it's 1999 while we get our a$$es kicked like it's 2006!!!

When you give the current edition of The Florida State Seminoles an opponent like The Syracuse Orange, it is akin to giving a party on The Hill a free keg of Genny Light: things will get ugly, things will get messy, and the after-effects are not likely to go away for a few days.

Yes indeed, the same America that saw perhaps the most exciting and upsetting weekend of college football in ages is about to get a full kegs-worth of mayhem this weekend too as the mighty Florida State Seminoles (#1 in any football poll that matters) take on the mighty Syracuse Orange (#1 in The Princeton Review's ranking of America's top party schools) in front of a homecoming crowd whose blood alcohol level is projected to be higher than SU's offensive output.  That is, somewhere above 0.

Look, I suppose it is possible that Syracuse could pull out a miracle and beat the 'Noles, and like every other week, I and many of you will be out there in full voice supporting the team and school that we love so dear.  But there is nothing that anyone has seen from The Orange to suggest it would be anything more than that...a miracle.  Our coaching staff is a mess.  Our starting QB is out for at least four weeks and even with him offense is as inept as our "storied" teams from the last decade.  Our defense HAS to be at their breaking point.  We can't even fall back on being #hardnosed these days...

With this as the backdrop we entertain a Seminole team that, while not yet firing on all cylinders as in 2013, has played well enough to stay undefeated and positioned for a place in the FBS Playoff.  We'll hope for the best, but in all likelihood we'll need to fall back on our ability to have a good time OFF the field.  At least there, we can always claim victory!


In this week's preview, we compare the head-to-head match-up between the nation's top football and party schools.  We acknowledge the kind words of encouragement from our fan base our opponent's fan base, and we offer you a free game to play along with your friends should you find yourselves with some second-half time on your hands...

Enjoy, and Go Orange!