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I Could Listen to Jim Boeheim Talk About Technology All Day Long

Jim Boeheim, Lawnmower Man that he is, is all about virtual reality.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim is nothing if not tech-savvy. I think that's obvious. What from his many classic tweets to his Pinterst board full of Rakeem Christmas sneaker looks to his infamous Instagram collection of saucy Coach K photos, Boeheim is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Okay, not really. Except this time...he actually is...

Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim has joined forces with a technology company that could give both fans and players a whole new view of the basketball court.

Boeheim has teamed with a firm called Next Galaxy to test a virtual reality experience that could one day be used on both professional and college courts.

Spio said fans will be able to pick camera angles, zoom in on players and even hear what players and coaches are saying in real time. "You will literally be able to feel the experience," she said.

According to, Boeheim's initial videos will be from his home and will be more about the behind the scenes of his life rather than the program. Oh and you'll need Google Glass or Occulus Rift to watch them.

The real gem to take away from all of this is the video of Boeheim talking about the technology and its benefits.

I just love that Boeheim is so excited about giving fans an up close and personal experience but refuses to actually do anything on the Internet. Can somebody please pay him so he'll get on Twitter? Please???