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Leave It To The Rest Of College Football To Make Syracuse Fans Feel Better

Saturday's craziness, which featured a lot of upsets and fantastic college football games, may have helped a Syracuse fan feel better about the sports world they live in.

As much as the Syracuse Orange football fan base wanted a victory at home Friday against the rival Louisville Cardinals. As awesome as that might have been--we know how it actually played out--it wouldn't have mattered in the national landscape, as the rest of college football went bonkers Saturday with four of the AP Poll's top 10 losing in dramatic fashion.

Include the Oregon Ducks, who lost Thursday night to the Arizona Wildcats, and half of the top 10 went down in Week 6. That's not even including the six programs ranked from No. 14-19 which lost to.

It sure was a fun Saturday and it is basically what we hope for every Saturday. It is much easier to embrace the chaos--also know as: the suffering of other elite programs--when your own football program is in dire straits.

At this point, it is easy to assume the Syracuse football fans that are still hanging on (though, there's still a lot of football to be played and the Orange have proved in the past a turnaround can happen) are pretty solid college football fans. As much as everyone felt after Friday night, it was nice to jump for joy as the Ole Miss Rebels come from behind to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide, 23-17.

Heck, did anyone see Mississippi St. Bulldogs beating the Texas A&M Aggies by that much? Oh, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish may not be a top 10 team, but they sure are finding ways stay in the college football playoff hunt.

Meanwhile, if you were able to stay up and watch some West Coast action, it was equally nuts. First, the California Golden Bears defeated the Washington State Cougars, 60-59, thanks to the Cougars' kicker missing a chip-shot, 19-yard field goal at the buzzer. (Yes, it was 60-59 with no overtimes!!) Also, Arizona State Sun Devils knocked off the USC Trojans, 38-34, by a 48-yard Hail Mary at the end of the game.

Of course, this shouldn't make you feel better about the Orange. But, at least it will give you something else to talk about until the NFL kicks off this Sunday.

(P.S., there was also this... and that too.)