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Syracuse vs. Louisville: Statistical Breakdown


Brett Carlsen

Was I the only one to go to sleep last night hoping we would wake up today to learn Friday's game was merely a nightmare we had dreamt? Because I did. And, hey, it turned out to be half true!

The game was a nightmare. But we sure as hell didn't dream it.

On a nationally-televised stage, the Syracuse Orange were beat 28-6 by a Louisville Cardinals team that, frankly, didn't even play that well. It was embarrassing. To see just how embarrassing, let's take a closer look at the stats...


Terrel Hunt: 17-of-32, 196 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions; 20.6 QBR; 5 carries for 8 yards (rough night, Terrell, rough night)

Rushing: 25 carries (by six different runners, including Hunt) for 59 yards

Total Offense: 255 yards

Red Zone: 2 Attempts, 2 FGs


Yards Allowed: 352 total yards (174 passing, 178 rushing)

Yards Per Rush: 3.7 Yard AVG

Red Zone: 4 Attempts, 3 TDs, 0 FGs

Turnovers forced: 2 (1 fumble recovered, 1 INT)

Missed Tackles: A lot

Special Teams

Net Punting: 44.4 Yard AVG (7 punts, 311 yards)

Kickoff Returns: 13.0 Yard AVG (3 returns, 39 yards)

Kick Return Defense: 25.0 Yard AVG (5 returns, 125 yards)

Punt Returns: 10.3 Yard AVG (3 returns, 31 yards)

Punt Return Defense: 7.0 Yard AVG (3 returns, 21 yards)

Field Goals: 2 Attempts, 2 FGs (21 yards and 24 yards)

Time of Possession

Orange Possession: 23:02

Cardinal Possession: 36:58

Other Stats

Third Down Efficiency: 5-of-16

Third Down Defense: 7-of-16

Penalties: 7 for 75 yards