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Syracuse Basketball: Orange No. 23 in Preseason AP Rankings

Syracuse is ranked, which is nice. I mean, not as high as they've been in previous years, but that's just fine!

Jared Wickerham

Remember all of those recent preseason polls when Syracuse was a top-10ish team? Those were fun times. But that doesn't mean that this season is NOT fun. The 2014-15 Orange basketball team might just have some lowered expectations. Which could actually be a good thing...

Today's AP Poll has been released, and it's reflective of those lowered expectations for Syracuse, as the Orange are slotted in at 23rd in the rankings. SU's 178 points were 107 below the 22nd-ranked team, SMU, and 11 ahead of No. 24 Michigan. If you've forgotten, we're facing the Wolverines in Ann Arbor on December 2.

For those curious, the top 10:

  1. Kentucky
  2. Arizona
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Duke
  5. Kansas
  6. North Carolina
  7. Florida
  8. Louisville
  9. Virginia
  10. Texas

In total, five ACC teams start the season ranked -- the four you see above, plus Syracuse. So yeah, we have a rough road ahead of us if we want to equal last season's in-conference accomplishments. But that's sort of the fun of it, no? In terms of ranked schools, the Orange face those teams and Michigan, plus Villanova (12th). Iowa's also hanging around just outside the top 25, and I'd bet Pitt's there too (full list of "also receiving votes" isn't up yet).

If you've forgotten, Syracuse is ranked No. 24 in the USA Today Coaches Poll to start the year, so that's both major polls (plus ESPN's Power Rankings, where SU sits at 23rd as well). Not bad for a "rebuilding" year!