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Scott Shafer on NCAA Hearing: 'I Feel Great About My Time Here'

Syracuse Orange head football coach Scott Shafer talked briefly about his trip to Chicago to hear about Syracuse Athletics' NCAA violations this afternoon. Obviously, he didn't say much and refused to comment on specifics. He did share a little bit, though.

"For me, it just felt like a quick recruiting trip," Shafer said, "except for once I got there I didn't have to work at all. I just had to watch and listen."

"(I) feel great about our situation," Shafer said. "I feel great about my time here at Syracuse and we'll just let that process take care of itself and concentrate on this NC State game."

Some more quotes here...

"To be quite honest with you, my preparation for the game is probably the most overrated on the staff," Shafer said. "The guys that really do the work are my coordinators and my assistant coaches, the young coaches and more importantly, the kids.

"I just try to manage things and I’m sure they were glad that I was out of the office," Shafer said, prompting a bit of laughter from his audience, "for a few hours this morning."

Shafer didn't expand on the specific reasons he was there and didn't comment on the specifics of any football violations.

So there you go. About what you expected...