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NCAA Hearing: Scott Shafer Done For the Day, Headed Back to Syracuse's Chris Carlson is on the ground in Chicago keeping an eye on things while Syracuse Orange folks meet with the NCAA to discuss findings and potential violations. Not only is Jim Boeheim in town but SU football coach Scott Shafer made the trip as well. Apparently he wasn't needed very long as Carlson is reporting that Shafer is already on his way back to Syracuse.

The Orange host the N.C. State Wolfpack on Saturday so every hour he's away from the team while they practice and prepare isn't good. When you throw in that, according to reports, the football-related issues happened long before he came to SU, that has to be even more frustrating for him.

We'll keep an eye out for further updates as they come in. You should probably be following Chris on Twitter, and if you weren't already, you're a weird Syracuse fan.'s piece notes that Shafer was in the hearings for five hours and that he'll have a press conference at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the NC State game and deflect questions about this.