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Syracuse NCAA Hearing: What We Are Learning Already

Hidden away in the Chicago Hilton hotel air vents,'s Chris Carlson is reporting about Syracuse University's NCAA hearing. We think.


The Syracuse University athletic department is currently being questioned and listened to by the NCAA, which is holding a two-day hearing in Chicago with those in charge of overseeing the SU athletic programs about  possible infractions that may have occurred.

Not much is going to be reported about what is happening inside. That's because the hearing is not open to the public or reporters, but some news is filtering out and, I think, it is because's Chris Carlson has used his Tom Cruise-Mission Impossible skills to break inside of the building and is hiding in the air vents just above the rooms that are holding the hearings. (At least, that is what it sounds like):

The conference room is tucked down a long hallway. The hearing will be held in a boardroom-style space around a table with 18 maroon chairs. Catering trays sat in the hallway.

There is a central lobby with a seating area on the fourth floor. Syracuse's meeting is to the left, though there is no sign to announce it. There is another meeting to the right.

Van Thomas, the night-time security supervisor, said the fourth floor is closed to visitors because of the clients' desire for anonymity.

Thanks to his hard work, Carlson was able to report Scott Shafer made it to the hotel early Thursday morning to talk with the NCAA. We also know the NCAA will decided its case against Syracuse in 30-60 days after the hearing. In this case, no news is good news because if Syracuse does not hear anything from the NCAA it means nothing will happen to the athletic department. However, if the NCAA does announce its findings it means penalties are coming.